Upcoming surgery August 3rd….

I have surgery coming up August the third. I had a boob reduction in September 2013 and was a 38kkk naturally and had them reduced to a 38ddd or 38h. I had major back pain and back problems and am happier now but still have pain, so I am doing an internal bra.  Ever heard […]

My Cleveland Ohio trip

So as many of you know I had an amazing sugardaddy for 16 years.  Sadly he had MS and passed away let year but left me a lot of money and his house.  I cried, but in the end he left me well cared for!! Instead of blowing the money, I have been buying apartment […]

30 things about me

1. My mom calls me kritter 2. I have a phobia of clowns 3. I was a vegaterian for 7 years 4. I suck at parallel parking 5. I have made marijuana brownies before 6. I am a true George Foreman Grilling Queen 7. I have a twin sister 8. Never ever had a cavity […]