20 more random things about me. Since you wanted to know more…..

1. My mother’s name is Shoko but I call her Shoko Loco…. Shhhhhhh!!!
2. I was a high school cheerleader :). Still have my uniform lol
3. Never wore heels till I was 20
4. I was a stripper in my 20’s and can work a pole. (Yeah baby)
5. I love to do yard work in the nude
6. My first car was a 1979 Toyota Celica Hatchback GT. ( thanks mom)
7. I have worn glasses since I was 3 years old
8. My mom thought I was gonna grow up and be a lesbian (only half true)
9. Favorite movie hands down is Forrest Gump (Run Forrest Run)
10. Favorite cologne on a man is Jo Malone number 154 ( I might just rip your clothes off)
11. Favorite porn star is Marilyn Chambers (R.I.P)
12. Favorite porn movie is Insatiable
13. I don’t like to wear panties
14. I had a boob reduction September 2013, and yes it was painful!!!!
15. I have been engaged 4 times but have never been married.
16. Slept with my math professor in college,and baby I brought my C To an A, suddenly 😉
17. Favorite Author is Frank Herbert, love the book Dune
18. My Texas accent is gone,but when I get drunk the old farm girl comes out in me.
19. Girl crush is Molly Ringwald (If anyone can set a threesome up with her please let me know)
20. I am a shoe whore…… Love heels


  1. RocketMan36

    March 18, 2014

    Thanks for more details!

    I knew some of these too….


  2. alex96

    March 22, 2014


    Wow another great blog post and keep it coming baby. I would love to see you wearing your glasses and some of your stripper moves,late Spring/early summer! LOL

    Thx baby

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