New photos are here!!!

A little about me. 🙂 I am originally from a little town called Bastrop, Texas, just outside of Austin. I grew up an Air Force brat! Because of that, I am well traveled, having lived in Germany and England. My mother liked to travel when I was young, so thanks to my mom, I have been to Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Egypt, France, Austria, and Greece.

I am a well educated woman with a degree from Texas A & M. Yes, sigh, I am an Aggie! I have a degree in the Agricultural field, thinking I was going to marry a farmer or a rancher and raise 4 or 5 kids out on the plains….lol Boy, how we dream when we are younger, don’t we?

I am half Japanese and half Swedish, with long brunette hair, 5-8 in height, amazing captivating piercing green eyes, soft skin, 38F, and have long sexy legs! When you visit me I do not put on a show. I prefer to look at you as an old friend. I am warm, affectionate, cuddly, down to earth, and honest, always with a smile.

I enjoy hiking, traveling, basketball, baseball, and golf. I have a 13 handicap and have played golf since I was in the 7th grade, when I discovered my love for the game. Oh, and I love, love, love 80’s music, BTW. I am also a big animal lover and I do have 3 dogs – two tiny, hypoallergenic Chinese crested powder puffs named Duke and KaiBear and a black lab named Shaq.   I do volunteer work at a local animal shelter, so I can help out other animals less fortunate than mine.

I believe in having fun and embracing every day with joy and appreciation. You will find I am happy and comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, but can easily dress to impress. I find as I get older I am discovering more about myself, and love trying new things to broaden my horizons.

If you are hearing-impaired, I am fully able to communicate and accommodate using sign language.

I hope this helps you to know a little more about Jordan Kay, and I look forward to meeting you in person.

XOXO Jordan Kay